Luxury Freestanding Stone Baths

Turn your bathroom into an oasis of luxury with one of Hansel Stone's luxurious freestanding stone baths. Our award-winning collection of luxury stone baths includes a wide range of contemporary but timeless styles that can fit any bathroom — from a modern apartment overlooking the city to a restful woodland retreat.

Hansel Stone is passionate about creating an atmosphere of luxury and indulgence with each stone freestanding bath that we manufacture. Made from a unique mineral composite stone, durability, comfort, and style are guaranteed — all you need to worry about is selecting your favourite bathtub from our modern yet timeless designs.

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We recommend our bestselling Seno freestanding stone bath with a matte white finish for a minimalist design or the Granada luxury stone bath in a black polished finish if you want a real eye-catcher that will create an unrivalled centrepiece for any bathroom.

Indulge in luxury with every soak with a composite stone bathtub from Hansel Stone. Order a stone bath online today or find out why a resin stone freestanding bath is the future

UK's Widest Range of Stone Freestanding Baths

If you're looking for stone resin baths in the UK, Hansel Stone has the widest range of luxury stone composite baths.

Boasting a range of styles that suit contemporary and traditional bathrooms, our collection leaves you spoiled for choice. Introduce one of our Classic luxury freestanding baths for a timeless aesthetic or add a touch of panache with one of our Avant-Garde designs.

Features of our Bathtubs

Hansel Stone prides itself on providing only the highest quality stone resin baths.

Our dedication to only using the finest materials and a 100% renewable energy process means that buying a freestanding bath from us is a quality choice but also an environmentally friendly one.

Our freestanding stone bathtubs are statement pieces but also boast features that you soon won't be able to live without.

Mineral Composite Stone from Europe

Our stone freestanding baths marry superb elastic resin with hard dolomite stone to birth a mineral composite with unmatched strength and comfort. You can soak to your heart's content knowing that our hard-wearing materials are sourced and crafted in Europe with exceptional quality stone resin that won't yellow over time.

Ergonomic European Designs

The lavishness of an ergonomic bathtub cannot be understated. Hansel Stone offers sizes and shapes that are at the forefront of European design. Innovation is the norm when it comes to the design of our composite stone baths, so treat yourself to an ergonomic bath that is as timeless as it is revolutionary.

External or Integrated Overflow

A freestanding stone resin bath isn't complete without an external or integrated overflow. You can freely fill one of our luxury solid surface bathtubs without the worry of overflowing water after installation.

100% Renewable Process

Hansel Stone is passionate about delivering the highest quality products without harming the environment. Our stone composite baths utilise a manufacturing process that uses 100% renewable energy and emits no greenhouse emissions. This manufacturing process produces outstanding quality bathtubs but is also the top choice when it comes to saving the environment.

Order one of our exquisite mineral composite bathtubs today.

Benefits of a Stone Resin Bathtub

A lavish soak has never been more fulfilling than in one of Hansel Stone's freestanding baths, but that's just one benefit you can savour when you purchase a luxury freestanding bath from us. The unique features our baths offer are unparalleled, which is just one reason why we are a trusted brand for clients wanting to invest in a stone resin bath in the UK.

1. Lifetime Guarantee

Hansel Stone strives to ensure that each product is in perfect condition when it leaves our doors for delivery. Sometimes mistakes happen, so we offer a lifetime guarantee on any freestanding stone bathtub you purchase from us.

2. Strong & Durable

Thanks to our unique mineral composite being created and developed in Europe, our stone bathtubs provide strength and durability without sacrificing comfort or style. What more could you ask for in a bathtub?

3. Easy to Clean Anti-Bacterial Surface

Our composite mineral stone baths are excellent at resisting the growth of harmful bacteria, making your stone bath easy to clean and maintain. Our stone baths can be cleaned using conventional household cleaning materials and a soft cloth.

4. Warmth

The dolomite component of our mineral composite stone surface perfectly balances thermal conductivity and insulation to retain heat. Our bathtubs are unrivalled when it comes to retaining heat, ensuring you can enjoy soaking as long as you like.

5. Sound Insulation

Drawing your bath has never been quieter than with one of our premium stone baths. Simply turn on the bath tap and listen to our mineral composite dampen the sound of rushing water. This sound insulation is just another way our freestanding stone bathtubs can turn your bathroom into an oasis of tranquil luxury.

Order one of our bathtubs to create the luxury bathroom of your dreams!

Our Style Collection of Bathtubs

Hansel Stone has an expansive collection of stone resin baths to complement all types of bathrooms. Our collections are separated into four distinctive categories: Avant-Garde, Classic, Elegant Matte & Award Winners.

Peruse our style collections for luxury freestanding baths to find the perfect stone bathtub for your home.

Avant-Garde Collection

Break the precedent of what your bathroom should be with the addition of our Avant-Garde black stone bathtubs. Each Avant-Garde freestanding bath features a polished black stone finish and a minimalist but distinctive design, such as our Cuadrato rectangular bath, Esmeralda octagonal bath, and Vigo oval slipper bath.

Classic Collection

Hansel Stone's Classic stone bathtubs pair excellently with a contemporary home and provide a sleek and smooth design and finish. The Classic collection features our popular Alta freestanding slipper bath for those with a more opulent taste in bathrooms.

Elegant Matte Collection

Our Elegant Matte collection shows off our finest white bathtubs with traditional and modern designs that feature a sophisticated matte finish. Matte white bathtubs are particularly popular because of their luxurious texture and timeless design. Our Valencia matte white freestanding bath is an especially popular choice.

Award Winners Collection

Hansel Stone is proud to have received multiple awards for our bathtubs, and our collection of Award Winners showcases the best of our selection. If you're looking for a stunning focal point for your bathroom, the Artesa or Cerca oval double-ended bath will provide you with a soaking experience you won't soon forget.

Hansel Stone: Trusted Luxury Freestanding Stone Baths, UK

Hansel Stone is a trusted manufacturer of luxury freestanding bathtubs and stone bathware made from composite stone created and developed in Europe. Our stone bathware also includes stone basinsstone shower trays, and stone countertops.

We are passionate about crafting stylish, high quality stone bathtubs that don't harm the environment. We use 100% renewable energy to make our bathware, which truly results in zero emissions. So if you're wanting a stone freestanding bath in the UK that is environmentally friendly, Hansel Stone is a trusted brand for stone bathtubs that help the planet.

Find your new bathroom centrepiece and create the ideal soaking environment with one of our contemporary stone baths. We can also design and manufacture bespoke baths if you can't find the bathtub of your dreams in our collection.

Order a luxury stone resin freestanding bath in the UK from Hansel Stone today or get in touch with us if you have questions about our stone tubs,

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