Bespoke Stone Bathware

Don't see a stone bathware product that fits the style of your bathroom in our range? Hansel Stone offers a bespoke design service for our stone bathtubs, basins, shower trays, and countertops that can be designed to your taste.*

Let Hansel Stone turn your ordinary bathroom into something extraordinary with our luxury stone resin bathware products.

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Custom Made Luxury Stone Bathware Made Exclusively for You

Hansel Stone values creativity and our bespoke service reflects this by allowing you to draw on our luxury designs for inspiration but create custom baths, basins, shower trays, and countertops to suit your preferred design specifications.

Don't let your vision of the perfect bathroom space stay in your mind, use our bespoke service to unlock your imagination and create the luxury bathroom of your dreams.

Bespoke Freestanding Baths

Our stone freestanding baths range in styles and sizes, but we understand that you might want something super specific for your bathroom project so we can design and manufacture custom baths in whatever style and size you need.

Our made-to-measure baths are designed to your specifications, from the colour and shape to the exact dimensions, so you can rest assured that your new luxury bath will fit your bathroom aesthetic perfectly.


Our bespoke baths service allows you to create a custom bathtub suited to your bathroom, which includes altering the size of the tub to be smaller or larger. One of the most common requests for our made to measure bath service is a custom size.

If you dream of a bathroom with a stone tub that provides ample space for stretching out, altering the dimensions of your luxury bespoke bath is a simple and effective way to turn this vision into a reality. We can design custom baths to your exact measurements.

Playing with the colours and textures of your bathtub is another great way to introduce a unique centrepiece into your bathroom. You can switch from our white stone to a black stone or change the texture from matte to polished.

Finally, replacing your external overflow with an integrated one is an excellent way to improve the design of your bathroom and create a cohesive bathroom environment.

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Bespoke Bathroom Basins

Hansel Stone takes pride in designing and manufacturing high-quality, environmentally friendly stone bathroom basins that ooze luxury and require minimal maintenance.

Our bespoke bathroom basin options can bring your bathroom designs to life and take your handwashing experience to luxurious new heights. Our service puts the paintbrush in your hand so you can design the size and shape of your bespoke bathroom sinks so they match your bathroom aesthetic perfectly and transform the space into an oasis of luxury.


Alongside our bespoke bathtub service, the option to design a custom stone basin is one of our most popular services. This service lets you design the bathroom basin of your dreams and presents you with a suite of options that will turn your bathroom from drab to dreamy.

One of the most commons requests from clients is the creation of a "His & Her" bathroom basin, and it's easy to see why. Custom-made basins for each partner are an excellent way to bring a modern atmosphere to your bathroom and ensure everyone gets to experience the luxury of a custom made stone bathroom basin from Hansel Stone.

He may prefer a more serious Cubica, she may prefer a fancier Cilindro, or they both love the luxurious curves of the Capsula. We can design basins in whatever style you prefer and ensure it is the right size for your bathroom. Altering the sizes of our basins is a feature of our bespoke offering, with length & width being common alterations.

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Made to Measure Stone Shower Trays

Hansel Stone is proud of our expertise in luxury bath design but we don't stop there. Our composite stone shower trays are a standing testament to our dedication to quality and comfort and can also be tailored to suit your design requirements.

Our shower trays mimic the texture of real stone and are warm to the touch, which elevates the showering experience and provides comfort on cold winter mornings. Matching your shower tray to the rest of your stone bathware is also a great way to streamline the design of your bathroom. These features make our custom stone shower trays a popular add on when designing custom baths and basins.


Although our shower trays come in a variety of sizes, they may not fit your bathroom. This is where our shower tray made to measure service comes in. Our mineral composite stone shower trays can be crafted to fit your shower needs.

Our custom shower tray service has limitations in terms of sizes, but send us your requirements and we will let you know if we can make it!

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Bathroom Countertops Made to Measure

Countertops are an understated but extremely important part of any bathroom, but with the contemporary design of our composite stone countertops, the working area in your bathroom will become a focal point that seamlessly ties the rest of the bathroom design together.

Our stone countertops provide a modern storage solution that puts your bathroom accessories on display in a tasteful way.

No matter the size of your bathroom, you can fit at least one of our versatile and environmentally friendly countertops into your space. You will find countertops of all sizes and designs in our range — for big and small bathrooms — each offering a great way to spruce up or renovate your bathroom without making it feel cluttered.


Based on your bathroom, you may find our selection of countertops aren't quite fitting with the size or design of your bathroom. If that's the case, our bespoke services allow in-depth customisation of your countertops and let you alter the length and width of our countertops so your bathroom is fitted the best that it can be.

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Luxury Bathware Proudly Made in the UK

Hansel Stone is passionate about bathware and our awards prove this. Our bespoke bathware design service is just another way we are using this passion to help people experience pure luxury through their bathrooms.

Whether it's a custom made bath and basin duo for a private home or several custom baths for a commercial project, when it comes to bespoke baths in the UK, Hansel Stone is a trusted brand for custom luxury bath products.

Why settle for anything less than your dream bathroom? Enquire about our bespoke baths, basins, shower trays, and countertops to experience your ideal bathroom.


Hansel Stone is dedicated to quality craftsmanship and our composite stone is testament to this. Each bathtub, basin, shower tray, and countertop is created and developed in Europe using innovative technology to a level of strength and comfort not seen before.

Our Process

Hansel Stone's process results in zero greenhouse emissions to the environment. Our unique Mineral Composite Stone is made in Europe using completely green methods and we take special measures to ensure our quality materials are shaped into the perfect designs for our products. The material will be created to fit the specification designated by the client to its exact details, ensuring customer satisfaction with all of our bespoke baths. We can manufacture the bathware of your dreams, with the appropriate shape and finish to your specifications using processes that have been designed with quality and low environmental impact in mind.

Ordering & Delivery

Once you've contacted us about creating your custom stone bathtub, your job is done and you can leave the rest to us. Our team will take care of everything — from design to delivery.

We deliver throughout the United Kingdom, including Mainland UK, the Highlands, Northern Ireland, and Isle of Man. You can expect to receive your bespoke bathware in 2–4 days*, with a delivery cost based on the area of the UK you are in.

*Delivery times can vary depending on the size and specifications of the order and location.

For luxury bespoke bathware made from premium composite stone, let Hansel Stone design the bathroom of your dreams. Get in touch with us today to discuss your design ideas.

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