Luxury Bathroom Stone Sinks

Hansel Stone designs and manufactures luxury stone bathroom sinks made from premium composite stone that is environmentally friendly and low maintenance. Made from high quality mineral composite stone with timelessly minimal designs, these stone bathroom basins can match the contemporary style of any bathroom’s aesthetic.

Our Mineral Composite is a solid material that is made in Europe and exclusive to Hansel Stone. This innovative technology allows us to create luxury basins that offer unparalleled strength, style, and durability. Every stone basin crafted by Hansel Stone is easy to clean, anti-bacterial, stain & chip resistant, and designed to retain heat and absorb sound.

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Transform your bathroom into an oasis of luxury with a stone basin from Hansel Stone. Browse our collection or get in touch with us to request a custom design for your freestanding stone sink.

Transform Your Bathroom with Luxury Countertop Stone Basins

Nothing adds character and style to a bathroom quite like stone basins. Elegant and beautiful to look at, it catches the eye as soon as you enter the bathroom. Its natural aesthetic works with modern design trends while making a bold and timeless statement too.

Along with being extremely aesthetically appealing, stone sinks are also hardwearing and durable, making them a lasting element that you can take pride in for years to come. Having stone sinks in a bathroom is certainly a statement choice, but also a smart one.

Choosing the Perfect Stone Bathroom Basin

When styling your bathroom, it is important to visualise how your stone basin will fit into the space. If you have a larger, more spacious bathroom, choosing a longer stone sink will fill the space without making the bathroom feel overcrowded. In smaller bathrooms, choosing a smaller, round stone basin will uplift the space with understated luxury.

Hansel Stone has a wide range of luxury bathroom sinks with sharp lines or smooth curves, depending on the aesthetic you are going for. We can also create a bespoke bathroom basin using our trusted materials based on your shape and size preferences.

Complete your search for the perfect luxury bathroom sink with Hansel Stone, a trusted stone bathware brand in the United Kingdom.

Order your countertop stone basin online today or find out why showrooms are an outdated way to shop for bathware.

Features of Our Mineral Composite Stone Sinks

When it comes to your bathroom sink, stone is a superior choice because it boasts features that give it the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The limestone used to create the dolomite stone for our basins has been exposed to extreme heat and pressure similar to that found beneath the Italian Alps. This results in a durable white stone with exceptional features not found in other resin stones.

1. Unparalleled Strength

The materials and finishes we use for our luxury stone sinks consist of hard dolomite stone and an elastic resin binder which offers greater strength and durability. The composite stone of our bathroom basins is resistant to chipping and is solid all the way through, which means your new stone sink will not flex or creak during its lifetime.

2. Minimal Maintenance

The manufacturing process used for our mineral composite prevents flaking, detaching, and discolouration over time, which means our basins are easy to maintain. Unlike natural stone basins, which require regular maintenance, a Hansel Stone bathroom sink can simply be wiped clean with a cloth and general surface cleaner — no need for harsh chemicals or complex cleaning techniques to keep your new basin looking good.

3. Warmth That Lasts

The use of dolomite stone in our mineral composite material gives these stone resin basins a good balance of thermal conductivity and insulation, which allows the basin to retain heat from the air and water that surrounds it — keeping the water warmer for longer.

4. Bacteria Resistance

All of our stone basins for the bathroom offer anti-bacterial properties. Our unique mineral composite provides resistance against the growth of harmful bacteria, allowing you to easily clean and maintain your stone basin through the use of conventional household cleaning agents while ensuring optimum hygiene of your bathroom surfaces.

5. Acoustic Dampening

With a Hansel Stone basin in your bathroom, when you open a tap for water, you can expect superior acoustic absorption compared to other hand basins because our composite stone reduces the sound you usually hear when water strikes the surface. The sound insulation of our stone resin basins can help create a truly tranquil atmosphere in your bathroom.

For luxury stone bathroom basins offering style & functionality, Hansel Stone is a trusted luxury stone bathware brand. Order your bathroom basin online today.

Modern Stone Basin Designs

Basins play an important role in creating cohesion in bathrooms and cloakrooms, which is why it is important to pick a sink that complements the aesthetic of your home. Hansel Stone's collection of luxury stone countertop basins includes various finishes, designs, shapes, and sizes to ensure you find the right stone sink for your bathroom and interior design style.

Circular Stone Basins

A circular stone countertop sink is one of the most popular basin shapes because it can be effortlessly incorporated into almost any bathroom. Our circular basins are available in contemporary minimalistic designs with varying depths. Whether you are looking for a sink with straight walls, curved interiors, or a more hemispherical shape, you are guaranteed to find the perfect sink for your house in Hansel Stone's collection.

Rectangular Stone Basins

A rectangular stone resin bathroom sink is a timeless piece of bathware that works with modern and traditional bathrooms. Our rectangular stone basins boast contemporary designs with various depths and straight exterior walls, rounded edges, and curved interiors. Our rectangular stone sinks are available in a polished or matte white finish.

Oval Stone Basins

An oval bathroom stone sink is a versatile piece that can complement countertops of any design and colour. With contemporary designs, our oval stone sinks offer gently curved interiors which you can pair with drain covers to bring uniformity to the design. Our oval stone sinks are available in a polished or matte white finish.

Slipper Stone Basins

Choosing a slipper-shaped countertop stone basin for your bathroom is a great way to add elegance to the space while also giving it a touch of character. These sinks offer a unique design with gently curved edges that mimic our freestanding stone baths. Our slipper-shaped stone sinks are available in a polished white finish.

To find your new stone countertop basin in the UK, browse Hansel Stone's full range of luxury stone sinks online or let us help you create one.

Hansel Stone: Luxury Bathroom Stone Sinks Made in the UK

Hansel Stone is passionate about providing luxury stone bathware to homeowners with an eye for style and elegance. Our stone sinks are eye-catching and timeless in design, which makes them the perfect piece of bathware for modern homes.

Whether you're revamping your house or you're an architect wanting to add a touch of class to hotel cloakrooms, our range of countertop basins offers style and functionality.

Along with luxury stone basins for bathrooms, we also manufacture luxury freestanding stone baths, stone shower trays, and floating stone countertops using our unique mineral composite stone.

Environmentally Friendly Stone Bathware

Hansel Stone is the only provider of resin stone bathware that is manufactured with 100% renewable energy. We use a sophisticated chemical process in the production of our stone sinks which uses little to no external energy and results in zero emissions.

Read more about how Hansel Stone's products help the planet.

Ordering & Delivery

We offer convenient delivery of our luxury stone basins throughout the United Kingdom. We deliver to mainland UK, the Highlands, Northern Ireland, and the Isle of Man.

Delivery costs can be anything from £95–240 depending on the delivery area. However, if you purchase several items at once, you will only pay one delivery charge.

Once your order has been placed on our website and processed, you will be contacted by our courier company to arrange a suitable delivery date. Pallet delivery will take between 2–4 working days, depending on your location.

To ensure your bathroom stone basin has arrived undamaged and that you are completely satisfied, we recommend that you inspect your purchase within 48 hours of delivery.

Ready to turn your bathroom into an oasis of luxury with our stone bathroom sinks? Order your countertop stone basins online or contact us if you have questions.

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