Luxury Stone Bathroom Countertops

Give your bathroom a sophisticated revamp with composite stone bathroom countertops from Hansel Stone. Our stone countertops for bathrooms provide a modern storage solution that puts your bathroom accessories on display in a tasteful way.

No matter the size of your bathroom, you can fit at least one of our versatile and environmentally friendly worktops into your space.

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You will find composite stone countertops of all sizes in our range — for big and small bathrooms — each offering a timeless minimalistic design and unique features that make it an unparalleled choice for modern bathrooms.

Add more storage space and a touch of elegance to your bathroom with luxury stone countertops from Hansel Stone. Order your composite stone countertop online today for UK wide delivery!

A Floating Stone Bathroom Countertop that Oozes Opulence

Choosing bathroom countertops made from the correct materials is important if you want to enhance the longevity of your new worktops. The right worktop can elevate the bathroom's design aesthetic while still serving as a functional component in the room.

Floating bathroom countertops made from a solid material like mineral composite stone fulfil their role of giving you reliable worktops to keep your bathroom organised, but also add a touch of elegance to the room. Stone adds a touch of class to spaces in a way no other materials can — which is why it will always be a timeless choice for bathroom worktops.

When considering how to design your bathroom, you can stick to the basics and still make a statement. Hansel Stone's stone bathroom countertops can be placed on the wall as a single shelf or as several floating shelves if you have more space to work with.

Browse our range to find the perfect white worktop for your space. We can also design bespoke bathroom worktops.

The Benefits of Floating Stone Countertops

Bathroom countertops have to play a dual role — withstand water, soap, and cosmetic products while still serving as a durable surface with ample space for morning rituals. To achieve this, the materials used to create your bathroom countertop should be non-porous and resistant to stains while still being aesthetically pleasing in design.

Stone countertops offer all the necessary features and additional benefits, including:

  • You have the choice of placing the worktop at any height, allowing for tailored storage space below

  • If you have intricately designed tile work on your bathroom walls, a floating worktop allows you to showcase this rather than cover it up with traditional vanity units

  • The floating design makes cleaning around the counter easier

  • A floating stone worktop adds a unique focal point to your bathroom

Our white floating stone worktops for bathrooms provide all of this but also have additional features that are completely unique to Hansel Stone's bathroom countertops.

Features of our Mineral Composite Stone

Our contemporary countertops are created using Mineral Composite, an engineered material that has unmatched strength and durability. Combining hard dolomite stone and a superb elastic binder gives our slabs their stunning matte whiteness while also preventing them from flaking or detaching.

The limestone that is used to make the dolomite has been exposed to extreme heat and pressure, similar to that found beneath the Italian Alps. This results in a durable, white stone material that offers remarkable qualities, unlike most other resin stone alternatives, which are prone to discolouration over the years.

While materials such as marble, granite, wood, and laminate all offer appealing features, our mineral composite will give you the best of these and more, along with an elegance that cannot be matched.

This is what you can expect from our mineral stone countertops:

1. Dependable, Long Lasting Strength

The mineral composite stone in our bathroom worktops is solid all the way through. This prevents the stone countertops from flexing or creaking, unlike traditional acrylic, which can crack if flexing or creaking occurs. Our stone resin bathroom worktops have white, non-porous surfaces that provide superior stain and chip resistance, which prevents cracks in the material.

2. Warm to the Touch

Through the use of dolomite stone, our bathroom stone worktops allow for the perfect balance of thermal conductivity and insulation. This allows the worktops to retain heat from the air and water around them, which keeps them warm to the touch.

3. Clean Stains with Ease

The glossy, non-porous surface of a Hansel Stone stone bathroom counter means it requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean. Any stains on our worktops can be wiped clean without the need for any harsh chemicals. All you need to do to keep the worktop clean is wipe it down with a surface cleaner and cloth.

4. Bacteria Resistant Surfaces

The mineral composite stone used in our stone bathroom worktops features anti-bacterial properties, which means the stone slabs resist the growth of harmful bacteria. Ensuring optimum hygiene of your bathroom surfaces and keeping your family safe from bathroom bacteria is easier with a worktop from Hansel Stone.

Find out why the European stone resin we use for our stone bathroom worktops is a superior material for modern bathware.

Elegant Stone Sinks to Match

Order a countertop sink from our stone bathroom basins collection to create a seamless aesthetic in your bathroom. We offer a wide range of elegant bathroom stone basins in various styles and sizes — from contemporary and traditional to modern and trendy.

Every Hansel Stone countertop stone basin has been designed to complement our bathroom countertops perfectly and is available in a glossy polished or matte white finish.

We also manufacture luxury freestanding stone bathtubs and stone shower trays.

Browse our range of stone bathroom basins to find a freestanding sink that complements your new stone bathroom worktop.

Hansel Stone: Trusted Luxury Stone Bathroom Countertops, UK

Hansel Stone designs and manufactures premium composite stone bathroom countertops in timelessly minimalistic designs that are trusted by homeowners and architects in the UK.

Our mineral composite stone bathroom countertops are timeless in style and functionality. Hansel Stone's white bathroom stone countertops bring a touch of elegance to the bathrooms in your home without compromising on form or function. Whether it's for a private home or commercial bathroom projects, our stone countertops can match the contemporary style of any bathroom’s aesthetic and will never go out of style.

Each stone countertop is made using 100% renewable energy. Through the use of a sophisticated chemical process, the production of our bathroom countertops uses little to no external energy, which results in zero emissions.

Read more about how Hansel Stone's products help the planet.

Ordering & Delivery

Hansel Stone delivers throughout the United Kingdom.

After you order a stone countertop for your bathroom and the purchase has been processed, you will be contacted by our courier to arrange a convenient delivery date. Pallet delivery takes between 2–4 working days, depending on location.

Delivery costs can be anything from £95–240 depending on the delivery area. If you order several items at the same time, you will only pay one delivery fee.

Once delivered, we recommend inspecting your order within the first 48 hours to ensure that your bathroom worktops arrive as ordered and you are 100% satisfied.

Browse our range of luxury stone bathroom countertops, or get in touch with us to create a bespoke worktop for your space.

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