Lorca Freestanding Polished Black Stone Bath 1600

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Lorca Freestanding Polished Black Stone Bath 1600
Lorca Freestanding Polished Black Stone Bath 1600 top view
Lorca Freestanding Polished Black Stone Bath 1600 top view 2
Lorca Freestanding Polished Black Stone Bath 1600 side view
Lorca Freestanding Polished Black Stone Bath 1600

Lorca Freestanding Polished Black Stone Bath 1600

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Product Highlights

Ergonomic Design: This bath has been designed with supportive lumbar angles to allow your body to rest comfortably while you bathe.

Hygienic & Easy to Clean: This stone composite bathtub is non-porous and anti-bacterial, so it can be easily cleaned without the need for harsh chemicals.

Strong & Durable: Our freestanding baths are made from our unique Mineral Composite, ensuring that your new composite stone bath will not flex, crack, flake, or stain over time.

The Lorca is a contemporary polished black stone bath designed with a uniquely shallow angled backrest and curved rectangular shape that allows for luxuriously long soaks. Made from our unique Hansel Stone Mineral Composite, this chic black freestanding bath will stay naturally warm to the touch for a long, indulgent bathtime every time.

Add a touch of style to your bathroom and unrivalled decadence to your baths with a black stone freestanding bath from Hansel Stone.

Length: 1600 mm

Width: 750 mm

Height: 480 mm

Weight: 98 kg

Volume: 264 L

Overflow: None

Cover: Chrome click waste (included)

We can deliver your new stone freestanding bath in the UK. The delivery charge varies based on your location and delivery time is based on stock availability.

For returns, please inspect your new black freestanding bath within 48 hours of delivery to ensure it has arrived as ordered and works as required.

More information on the installation can be found here.

Technical Drawing
Specification Sheet


L 1600 mm W 750 mm H 480 mm


264 L


98 kg



Unrivaled Durability

An Innovative Mineral Composite

With resistance to chipping, cracking and fading, Hansel Stone resin stone freestanding baths will provide long-lasting soaks for years to come.

Luxurious Soaking Comfort

Made with Ergonomics in Mind

With beautiful curved sides, our luxury baths allows for luxuriously long soaks in greater comfort.

European Craftsmanship

Seamless, Elegant Design

Offering a sleek, uninterrupted design, Hansel Stone luxury freestanding baths enhance every bathroom with an eye-catching centrepiece designed and manufactured in Europe.

Uncompromised Sustainability

Green Manufacturing

Made with the planet in mind, Hansel Stone products are manufactured using 100% renewable energy.

Long Lasting Warmth

Incredible Heat Retention

Through perfectly balancing thermal conductivity and insulation, our exclusive mineral composite material keeps the surface warm and keeps the water warmer for longer.

Lifetime Guarantee*

Luxury that Lasts a Lifetime

Be assured of the craftsmanship of our mineral composite — our Hansel Stone bath ware comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Introducing the Lorca Black Freestanding Bath

The Lorca polished black freestanding bath is designed to be the focal point of any contemporary bathroom. Our Lorca design amplifies comfort with a simple ergonomic shape and shallow backrest, while the polished black stone emanates an air of elegance that will completely elevate your bathroom's interior and bathing experience.

Every Hansel Stone freestanding bath is made from a unique blend of dolomite stone and an elastic resin binder, ensuring style and function without compromise — and the Lorca freestanding bath 1600 is no different.

The composite stone used to make this gorgeous freestanding bath is made with an environmentally friendly manufacturing process that uses 100% renewable energy. With future generations in mind, our innovative production processes and stone composite produce zero emissions for an eco-friendly luxury bath you and the planet will love.

Let your bathroom overflow with luxury with this black stone bath — Order the Lorca 1600 freestanding bath in the UK online from Hansel Stone today!

Features and Benefits

The Lorca rectangular freestanding bath combines luxury style with expert craftsmanship, all thanks to our Mineral Composite and passion for opulent bathware.

We're proud of our stock of immaculate black freestanding baths and the many benefits you can reap every day from adding one to your bathroom. The features and benefits you can expect from your new bathtub include:

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Alluring Warmth With Every Soak

The Lorca 1600 bathtub offers as much in function as it does in looks. The dolomite stone used in our signature composite material retains heat and thermal conductivity so you don't have to leave this black freestanding bath until you're ready to.

The Mineral Composite surface of this black stone bathtub continuously absorbs heat from the air and water surrounding it, ensuring that each encounter with its surface is warm to the touch.

Harmonious Acoustic Absorption

Our Mineral Composite offers a superior density and thickness compared to other materials, such as acrylic, so you can completely be in the moment when you take a soak in the Lorca freestanding bath 1600.

With barely a sound reverberating as the water hits the polished black surface, drawing a bath has never been more luxurious than with our Lorca freestanding bath in stone resin. These composite stone freestanding baths insulate sound, creating a harmonious atmosphere where music or natural ambience can take centre stage.

Shaped For Comfort & Ease

With the modern design of our Lorca black freestanding baths, taking a warm bath at the end of the day is as serene and tranquil as can be. The Lorca 1600 curved bath has an ergonomic rectangular design that not only ensures that it will effortlessly fit into any interior, but that it is also as comfortable as can be.

We've combined the optimal height and length to create an ideal soaking experience with our luxury Lorca rectangular baths. Boasting a length of 1600 mm, a width of 750 mm, and a height of 480 mm, these sleek black baths are the perfect size — spacious yet cosy — and are sure to become everyone's favourite spot to relax in your house.

Award Winning European Design

Our Lorca black freestanding bathtub has an undeniably chic aesthetic that adds a timeless feel to any bathroom space.

Our passion for creating comfortable contemporary designs has resulted in our stone bathware winning several awards throughout Europe. This can be seen in the Lorca freestanding black bath, which like all of our luxury stone bathware, pairs an eye-catching finish with outstanding ergonomics for a truly winning formula.

The Mineral Composite we use for this black freestanding bath is developed to the highest standards in Europe, so you can rest assured that your new statement bathtub won't flex, creak, or yellow over time like traditional baths made from acrylic.

Strong & Durable Anti-Bacterial Surface

Our Mineral Composite combines the strength and durability of natural stone and resin to deliver a stain-resistant freestanding stone bath product that won't flake or detach. This makes cleaning the Lorca freestanding bath 1600 effortless since its non-porous resin surface eliminates the need for intense cleaning and harsh chemicals. General household cleaning agents will have your stunning Lorca rectangle freestanding bath looking brand new.

Simply wipe down with conventional cleaning products as part of your regular cleaning routine and our bacteria resistant Mineral Composite stone will do the rest to ensure your freestanding stone bathtub remains clean, safe, and beautiful.

Opulent Black Colour

When you're looking for a freestanding bath, black is a superior colour choice as it accentuates any other colour in the space. This creates a bewitching design that will leave you breathless every time you enter your bathroom.

This freestanding contemporary bath comes in an elegant polished black finish that will make a statement in any bathroom's interior design. Enhancing traditional, contemporary, and even minimalist spaces, the rich, polished black colour of the Lorca freestanding rectangular bath makes it a truly versatile piece of bathware.

Greener Than Traditional Materials

At Hansel Stone, we ensure that every Lorca freestanding stone resin bath is made with a kind gesture to Mother Nature.

Our core values affirm that the processes we follow leave a positive impact on future generations. With innovation and care, we use 100% renewable energy when manufacturing our composite stone resin — ceramic can't compare!

Elevate your bathroom with an ergonomic luxury stone bath that doesn't harm the planet. Order your Lorca 1600 freestanding bath in black online from Hansel Stone today.

Hansel Stone — Luxury Freestanding Stone Baths in the UK

Creating a signature bathroom look is easy with luxurious stone bathware from Hansel Stone.

Keeping ergonomics and aesthetics at the forefront of our designs has culminated in multiple international awards for our bathware and designs. With composite stone as an affordable alternative to natural stone baths, our black baths can give you the luxury home you've always wanted without the hefty price tag.

With our materials sourced from and produced in Europe, we ensure that each freestanding stone bath is created with the utmost quality in mind and that our ergonomic designs vary in shape, size, and colour to ensure there is something for everyone.

Whether choosing the Lorca freestanding rectangular bathtub or one of our many other luxurious black bathtubs in the UK, you'll find the freestanding stone bath of your dreams at Hansel Stone — because we've thought of countless ways to increase relaxation with each soak.

Bathe in luxury and let bliss overflow into your space with a freestanding stone bath. Order the Lorca black stone bath 1600 online from Hansel Stone today!

Create Your Perfect Black Bath UK

Let us create the perfect stone resin freestanding bath for your bathroom.

Our Lorca freestanding bath is designed with luxury, ergonomics, and visual appeal in mind, which makes it a favourite among our clients. But while this black freestanding bath may work for one aesthetic, we understand that it may not have the bespoke shape or size you have envisioned for your interior — which is why we also create bespoke pieces for our clients. 

If you cannot find freestanding stone resin baths to match your vision in our stock range, we can assist you with creating a modern design that fits your home décor plans to perfection.

Treat yourself to true indulgence with a custom made bathtub made just for you with our Bespoke Bathware Service. Enquire about our bespoke options online.



Hansel Stone products are proudly made in Europe. Our manufacturing facilities adhere to the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality to ensure that each product meets our exacting specifications.

Hansel Stone products are made from a natural compound of dolomite stone and a premium resin. This unique composition guarantees the best quality and durability, setting our products apart from others on the market.

Some resin products on the market may use artificial fillers in their manufacturing process, compromising the durability and quality, these products are susceptible to thermal shock/cracking as well as yellowing over time. In contrast, Hansel Stone uses only the highest quality materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and offering a lifetime guarantee.

Bathtubs: Hansel Stone bathtubs are shipped via LTL (Less ThanTruckload) freight. They will be delivered to the curb or nearest accessible point to your location. Please note that you may require additional assistance to move the bathtub to its final location. Shower Pans and Basins: Hansel Stone shower pans and washbasins are typically shipped as standard parcels. They will be delivered to your specified address via a standard parcel delivery service.

At Hansel Stone, we take great care to ensure the quality of our products before shipment. However, we recommend inspecting the item upon delivery. If any damage is found, please report it to our team as soon as possible. We will work with you to address the issue and find a satisfactory resolution.

By accepting delivery of the item, you agree that it was received in good condition and free from damage. We encourage you to inspect the product upon receipt and report any damages immediately. Any damages identified after acceptance of delivery may not be covered under our warranty.

Hansel Stone provides a warranty that covers manufacturing defects. However, damages caused after delivery, such as mishandling or improper installation, are not covered under our warranty. It is important to inspect the item upon receipt and report any damages promptly to ensure appropriate resolution.

At Hansel Stone, we strive to ensure customer satisfaction. If you wish to return a product, please carefully review our return policy and reach out to our customer service team to initiate a return request and obtain further instructions. We are here to assist you and address any concerns you may have.

Note: Returns are valid up to 14 days after delivery.

To initiate a return, please contact our customer service team. They will guide you through the process and provide you with the necessary instructions and return authorization. Remember to review our return policy for more information on eligibility and associated fees.

Yes, we offer free storage for your item if you require delivery at a later date. Simply inform our customer service team in advance of your preferred delivery date and duration of storage. We will coordinate with you to ensure secure storage until the agreed-upon delivery date.

Hansel Stone products come with a lifetime warranty. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for full warranty details. For any warranty-related questions or assistance, please contact our customer service team.

Note: Lifetime warranty coverage is subject to terms and conditions.

For detailed installation instructions, we provide product-specific installation guides. These guides contain step-by-step instructions to help you with the installation process. To access the installation guide for a specific product, please visit the product page on our website. Look for the "Installation Guide" section, where you will find a downloadable PDF guide.