Lorca Freestanding Stone Bath 1600 (White)

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Lorca Freestanding Stone Bath 1600 (White)
Lorca Freestanding Stone Bath 1600 (White) top view
Lorca Freestanding Stone Bath 1600 (White) top view 2
Lorca Freestanding Stone Bath 1600 (White) side view
Lorca Freestanding Stone Bath 1600 (White)

Lorca Freestanding Stone Bath 1600 (White)

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Product Highlights

Ergonomic Design: This bath has been designed with supportive lumbar angles to allow your body to rest comfortably while you bathe.

Hygienic & Easy to Clean: This stone composite bathtub is non-porous and anti-bacterial, so it can be easily cleaned without the need for harsh chemicals.

Strong & Durable: Our freestanding baths are made from our unique Mineral Composite, ensuring that your new composite stone bath will not flex, crack, flake, or stain over time.

The luxury Lorca freestanding stone bathtub 1600 is a contemporary curved rectangular stone bath made from our unique Hansel Stone Mineral Composite stone. Its uniquely designed shallow angled backrest allows for luxuriously long, comfortable soaks. The unique properties of our unparalleled Mineral Composite stone make the tub naturally warm to the touch and anti-bacterial.

Turn your bathroom into a sanctuary of luxury with the freestanding Lorca stone composite bath from Hansel Stone. We deliver UK wide!

Length: 1600 mm

Width: 750 mm

Height: 480 mm

Weight: 98 kg

Volume: 264 L

Overflow: None

Cover: Chrome Click

We offer convenient delivery of the Lorca freestanding bath 1600 throughout the UK. Delivery costs will vary depending on your area, but if you buy several items together, you will only pay one delivery fee. Customers often buy a bathtub and countertop stone basin together.

To ensure your new stone freestanding bathtub arrives undamaged and that you are completely satisfied, we recommend you inspect your purchase within 48 hours of delivery.

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More information on the installation can be found here. Technical Drawing
Specification Sheet


L 1600 mm W 750 mm H 480 mm


264 L


98 kg



Unrivaled Durability

An Innovative Mineral Composite

With resistance to chipping, cracking and fading, Hansel Stone resin stone freestanding baths will provide long-lasting soaks for years to come.

Luxurious Soaking Comfort

Made with Ergonomics in Mind

With beautiful curved sides, our luxury baths allows for luxuriously long soaks in greater comfort.

European Craftsmanship

Seamless, Elegant Design

Offering a sleek, uninterrupted design, Hansel Stone luxury freestanding baths enhance every bathroom with an eye-catching centrepiece designed and manufactured in Europe.

Uncompromised Sustainability

Green Manufacturing

Made with the planet in mind, Hansel Stone products are manufactured using 100% renewable energy.

Long Lasting Warmth

Incredible Heat Retention

Through perfectly balancing thermal conductivity and insulation, our exclusive mineral composite material keeps the surface warm and keeps the water warmer for longer.

Lifetime Guarantee*

Luxury that Lasts a Lifetime

Be assured of the craftsmanship of our mineral composite — our Hansel Stone bath ware comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Introducing the Lorca Freestanding Stone Bathtub

Boasting clean lines and gentle curves, our Lorca freestanding bath 1600 is the elegant centrepiece your bathroom has been missing.

The Lorca is an ergonomically designed rectangular double-ended bath with gentle slopes on both sides of the tub that offer support for your back and neck — which means longer soaks and even more relaxation.

And with its polished or matte white finishes, the colour of the Lorca 1600 bathtub is as elegant as the tub itself. A white stone bath with a polished finish is timeless and traditional, while a bathtub with a matte finish adds a distinctive but subtle texture to classic hues and designs.

Whether it's a home bathroom or hotel bathroom, the luxurious Lorca freestanding bath can turn a drab bathroom into a haven of sophisticated serenity.

Features & Benefits

Lavishly long soaks are just one of the benefits of having a Hansel Stone freestanding white bath such as the Lorca in your home. Our stone freestanding baths offer unrivalled features thanks to our innovative Mineral Composite stone — which is why so many homeowners and architects have chosen us when looking to buy a stone freestanding bath in the UK.

Our luxury freestanding bathtubs are beautiful statement pieces for your bathroom, but also boast the following unique features and benefits:

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Strong & Durable Materials

Our elegant stone baths are made from our unique Hansel Stone Mineral Composite, a material that combines the wonders of natural stone baths made from dolomite with an elastic resin binder that gives it greater durability and strength.

The limestone that is used in the making of the dolomite we use has been exposed to extreme heat and pressure, similar to that found beneath the Italian Alps. This results in a durable stone with a stunning colour that will not turn yellow over time.

When you purchase a mineral composite stone bath from Hansel Stone, you will be choosing a stone freestanding bath that is chip resistant and solid all the way through — which means your new stone bathtub will not flex or creak during its lifetime.

Easy to Clean Anti-Bacterial Surface

Our Lorca freestanding baths 1600 have a non-porous surface with anti-bacterial properties, making them excellent at resisting the growth of harmful bacteria.

This also makes them incredibly easy to clean and maintain — all you will need are conventional cleaning materials and a soft cloth to clean this tub.

Thermal & Sound Insulation

Like natural stone baths, a Hansel Stone mineral composite resin stone bath perfectly balances thermal conductivity and insulation to retain heat. This is due to the dolomite component of our bathtubs, which retains the heat from the air and water around it to ensure the water stays warmer for longer — which means longer soaks!

Drawing a bath has also never been more peaceful than with a Hansel Stone freestanding stone resin bath. You no longer have to put up with the overwhelming sound of rushing water whenever you turn the tap on because our mineral composite dampens the sound to leave you in an oasis of silent luxury as you prepare for a session of self-pampering.

A Stylish, Ergonomic Design

Hansel Stone offers freestanding stone resin baths in different sizes, shapes and styles, all at the forefront of European design to fit in with both traditional and modern settings — and the Lorca freestanding bathtub is no exception.

We believe that innovation is key when it comes to designing our mineral composite stone baths, and with a length of 1600 mm and width of 750 mm, the Lorca stone resin bathtub is designed to fit seamlessly into your bathroom and give you ample space to stretch out in during your much-awaited bathtime.

100% Green Manufacturing processes

When you order the Lorca 1600 freestanding bath in the UK, you are also buying an environmentally friendly freestanding bath in stone resin.

From our material choices to our 100% renewable energy processes, we are dedicated to ensuring that all Hansel Stone baths meet the requirements of our customers and the needs of the environment.

Find the perfect white freestanding bath for your home in the Lorca 1600 rectangular bathtub. Order online from Hansel Stone today for UK wide delivery!

Hansel Stone: Trusted Manufacturer of Luxury Stone Composite Baths in the UK

Hansel Stone is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of luxury freestanding stone baths in the UK, with a wide range of stone bathware made from unique composite stone that has been proudly developed and crafted into elegant stone baths in Europe.

Available in a carefully curated selection of styles that will suit both traditional and contemporary bathrooms, Hansel Stone's mineral composite freestanding baths will leave you spoiled for choice. We also manufacture countertop stone sinks, stone shower trays & floating stone countertops.

Find the new centrepiece for your bathroom and create the perfect winding-down environment with a modern freestanding stone bathtub from our collection.

We can also create bespoke freestanding stone bathtubs to suit your bathroom style.

Stone Resin Baths with a Lifetime Guarantee

At Hansel Stone, we strive to ensure that every single one of our resin stone baths is constructed to perfection and we only use materials that promise longevity, but to give you added peace of mind that our baths are crafted with quality and durability in mind, we also offer a lifetime guarantee on our stone freestanding baths (and other bathware).

Order your Lorca freestanding bath 1600 from Hansel Stone today or get in touch with us to discuss your custom stone bathtub needs!



Hansel Stone products are proudly made in Europe. Our manufacturing facilities adhere to the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality to ensure that each product meets our exacting specifications.

Hansel Stone products are made from a natural compound of dolomite stone and a premium resin. This unique composition guarantees the best quality and durability, setting our products apart from others on the market.

Some resin products on the market may use artificial fillers in their manufacturing process, compromising the durability and quality, these products are susceptible to thermal shock/cracking as well as yellowing over time. In contrast, Hansel Stone uses only the highest quality materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and offering a lifetime guarantee.

Bathtubs: Hansel Stone bathtubs are shipped via LTL (Less ThanTruckload) freight. They will be delivered to the curb or nearest accessible point to your location. Please note that you may require additional assistance to move the bathtub to its final location. Shower Pans and Basins: Hansel Stone shower pans and washbasins are typically shipped as standard parcels. They will be delivered to your specified address via a standard parcel delivery service.

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